Jennifer Aniston Clears Up Rumors She Filmed A Topless Scene For 'Horrible Bosses'

Jennifer Aniston in "Horrible Bosses" -- Warner Bros.

Jennifer Aniston is clearing up the rumor that a topless scene was filmed and cut out of her upcoming film, "Horrible Bosses," one that sees her wearing a dentist's coat with no shirt underneath.

"I have [no] idea where those rumors started, but it's a good rumor," Jennifer told the Chicago Sun Times in an article published on Sunday.

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According to the paper, there is another rumor suggesting that the scene will appear on the DVD when the film eventually leaves theaters.

"Not true at all," Jennifer laughed, swatting back the second rumor. "Where do these things start?"

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In "Horrible Bosses," due out on July 8, Jennifer plays a bad, bad boss -- Dr. Julia Harris, D.D.S. -- who sexually harasses her dental assistant, Dale, played by Charlie Day.

On Monday night's "Chelsea Lately," Jennifer told her friend, host Chelsea Handler, she loved every minute of it.

"I enjoyed it thoroughly. I really, really did," the actress laughed.

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During her appearance, Chelsea shared with the audience the gaffe Jennifer uttered in front of Chelsea's boyfriend, Andre Balazs, who owns famed Los Angeles hotel, the Chateau Marmont.

"He owns the Chateau Marmont and we mentioned the Chateau and Jen says, 'Oh my God! People die there all the time,'" Chelsea recounted. "And our friend Alex said, 'Jen, you know that Andre owns it,' and she went, 'Ohhhhhhh!'"

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"I didn't know that," Jennifer said in her defense. "I knew he was a hotelier, but I did not know it was the Chateau. My apologies."

"It's a good story and... I love telling it," Chelsea said.

"You love it!" Jen said.

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