Jefferson Parish Eastbank recycling drop-off site sees huge turnout

JEFFERSON PARISH, La. (WGNO) — Jefferson Parish residents came out in droves last weekend, causing the parish to move the recycling drop-off to an even bigger location on Saturday, April 20.

“It’s very important to me. I think saving our environment is very important,” said Jefferson Parish resident Joyce Genovese.

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Jefferson Parish residents line up around the block for the chance to get rid of their recycles in a way that would help the environment.

For one resident, hearing there would be a recycling drop-off for at least the next six months gave her hope it may make a comeback. She says the old saying, “Make America beautiful” stays with her as she also brought her neighbors recycles, as well.

“Recycling does require a little bit of effort, we have to collect the stuff. We have to rinse it out and help out these businesses that are trying to recycle for us, but we don’t want to live in a dump,” said Jefferson Parish resident Mary.

Glass bottles and jars, cardboard, plastics where just a few items residents were able to bring to the recycle drop off. Genovese has recycled for over 39 years not understanding why some are against it.

“They say oh it’s not really all that lucrative, you know it just gives you a good feeling. What’s wrong with getting a good feeling, it makes the residents happy. Whenever the parish stopped recycling I would pay for a private company,” said Genovese.

Another resident says we have to get back to the basics of why it’s important to recycle.

“We were born in the sixties and reduce, reuse, and recycle are not taught in schools. You see where all the plastic is going into the water and the water is affecting the sea level,” said Jefferson Parish resident Anna Boubede.

All believe recycling should be permanent in Jefferson Parish.

“I am very passionate about this. I hope that the politicians will see this. Will wake up and make Jefferson more progressive than regressive,” said Genovese.

It has not been confirmed if the Joseph S. Yenni Building will be the new location going forward for coming weeks. We will be sure to let you know when we get confirmation.

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