Jealous Brooklyn man who killed wife and her stepson had history of threats, say neighbors, NYPD sources

An unhinged Brooklyn man made good on his threats to gun down his wife, killing the woman and her stepson in a jealous rage inside their first-floor East New York apartment, neighbors and police said Saturday.

Luis Collado, 52, faces two counts of murder as well as counts of attempted murder and weapons possession in the Friday night shooting slayings of Rose Acevedo, 43, and her stepson, Gustavo Devora Acevedo, 26, police said.

Rose Acevedo was pronounced dead Friday night at her home on Louisiana Ave. between Hegeman Ave. and Williams Ave. in East New York.

Gustavo Acevedo was alive when first responders got to the scene. He was rushed to Brookdale Hospital, and died on Saturday, police said.

Collado had a history of domestic incidents, said police sources. The family’s neighbors on Saturday recalled the couple’s combative past and the suspect’s menacing remarks to his spouse.

Collado and his wife “had a very dysfunctional relationship,” said a 56-year-old local restaurant worker to the Daily News. “It was toxic. He always threatened that he was going to kill her. That’s what transpired. He was very overprotective, a jealous type of guy. He threatened her so many times. Verbally.”

At the shooting scene, neighbor Victor Cruz, 56, and other local residents told The News of Collado’s prior vow to execute his spouse.

“He said, “I’m going to kill her, I’m going to murder her, I’m going to shoot her,'” said Cruz.

A small memorial of three candles and some flowers appeared Saturday on the front steps of the family home, with the 47-year-old man who left them saying the victim’s relatives were now gathered at the hospital with the injured stepson.

Collado had just left a nearby restaurant on Louisiana Ave. where he dined alone before returning to the house and opening fire, said the 47-year-old neighbor, who asked his name not be used.

“I walked over here and that’s when I heard the gunshots,” he recounted. “I heard five shots. I know her son. He was defending his mother. I heard when (Collado) shot his mother, he came running down from the back.”

The neighbor also said the victim had a restraining order against her killer, although police could not confirm the report. A handgun was resting on the ledge of a courtyard nears the crime scene Friday as the investigation began.

Another witness, the couple’s upstairs neighbor, knew the family for about five years. She recalled watching through tears as the mother and son were brought out of the home on stretchers.

“I cried last night when I saw them taking her body, man,” she said. “I came home at the point they were taking the son out and I saw he was bleeding. He was conscious but it looked like he was bleeding from his head or his neck. They were rushing him to the ambulance. All I saw was blood.”

The neighbor described the mom as an amazing woman and wife who deserved a better fate.

“He should have never ever treated her the way that he did,” she said. “That was cowardly and I hate that. I can tell from when I’ve seen them interact to each other, she’s never (shown) ill will towards him. So that really hurts.”