Jay-Z denies Beyonce pregnancy

Stop all the baby shower preparations: According to Jay-Z, his daughter Blue Ivy Carter won’t be getting a little brother or sister anytime soon. (RELATED: Beyoncé is possibly, maybe pregnant)

According to New York radio station Hot 97, the rapper has denied reports that he and wife Beyoncé are expecting a second child. Responding to an e-mail from the radio station congratulating the couple, Jay-Z wrote, “It’s not true. The news is worse than the blogs.”

Queen B baby mania struck the Internet Friday after E! News reported the pop singer was pregnant, citing multiple sources. The report justified weeks of speculation after Beyoncé wore a high-waisted gown to a gala in New York, which some suspected was hiding a baby bump.

The rumors intensified when the singer cancelled a May 14 performance in Belgium, citing dehydration and exhaustion.

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Jay-Z denies Beyonce pregnancy

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