Jay Carney Spent His First Night on CNN Being Called a Liar by John McCain

Former White House Press Secretary and newly-minted CNN employee Jay Carney spent his first night on the network being put through the wringer by Sen. John McCain. During a segment that followed the President's primetime speech, the two continually talked over each other as McCain argued that President Obama's failure to arm Syrian rebel groups and leave a residual force in Iraq are the reasons ISIS exists today.

If you don't want to watch the full video, imagine the following process being repeated multiple times: McCain says something critical of President Obama's foreign policy strategy — "your boss," as he said to Carney at one point. Carney says the American people wanted to leave Iraq and "we're going to have to agree to disagree," and then McCain replies that "facts are stubborn things"/"I was in" Syria or Iraq/ "after Korea we left troops behind." Oh, and Carney is a lying liar.

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"You are again, Mr. Carney, saying facts that are patently false," McCain said after Carney argued in support of the troop reduction. "You, in your role as spokesperson, bragged about the fact that the last American combat troop had left Iraq." After a few minutes, Carney finally managed to get in a full response, and argued that even when the U.S. military was in Iraq there was still violence, and to say otherwise is a "whitewash" of history. "We cannot ... ask our military to be a permanent occupying force in a country like Iraq," Carney said.

The other issue is that at one point in time, McCain himself might have agreed with Carney:

Watch the full exchange below:

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