Jason Swartz of Alliance Talent Reinforces His Status as a Technology Innovator With the Creation of Instagram Fan Club Subscriptions

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It’s the peak of the digital age, a time when most of the world’s top companies and organizations are rooted in technological advancements.

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Platforms such as Uber, Amazon, and Netflix have swept past competitors in their respective industries in record time, often without a need for what were once considered “necessary” expenses to thrive. Uber provides rides using other people’s cars, Amazon sells products without an actual inventory, and the bulk of Netflix’s content is produced by other parties.

Jason Swartz, one of LA’s most notable entertainment and social media entrepreneurs, has added himself to a long list of innovators who are monetizing the way we all share experiences. An increased need for premium, quality content and a love for the Instagram app led Swartz to devise a plan that would allow the entertainment industries’ biggest names to connect with their fans on a more personal level.

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How does it work?

By inking deals with some of the world’s most famous celebrities, his new digital platform providing us with front row seats to the lives of social media’s most sought-out entertainers. As an Instagram Fan Club subscriber to your favorite artist, comedian or athlete, you’ll be granted access to exclusive social media content via a “bonus” Instagram profile, provided by Swartz’s company.

From a consumer standpoint, it’s a win-win for any and everyone that’s ever wished they could be close friends with a public figure. When you log-on to the website, you’ll enter the social media handle of the influencer of choice, then add that person’s profile to your cart. At checkout you’ll be gifted with a link to their bonus content profile, the Instagram Fan Club link, where you’ll gain access to the special content not seen nor available to the general public of fans. From there, the website says you can expect your request to be accepted within 5 days.

The monthly subscription works to promote a social media platform are already invested in, Instagram, instead of requiring them to download another app. Swartz has vowed to operate this social portal at low, affordable rates in order for a global following of all economic backgrounds being able to participate. And, of course — it’s all for a good cause, as a portions of the proceeds can be elected to benefit various charities at the guidance of Alliance Talent and the celebrities choice.

Ultimately, this type of partnership is a content creator’s dream. Until recently, social media content wasn’t directly monetized, meaning there was no actual correlation between celebrity follower counts and the money they actually profited from being active on social media. The most lucrative opportunities to monetize their social followings often require the promotional placement of products, or brands often offering their followers discount codes to shop online. Now, celebrity influencers can directly benefit from their fan bases, instead of relying on brand partnerships and ad placements.

The most unique aspect about Instagram Subscriptions from Swartz of Alliance Talent perhaps, is probably it’s exclusivity. In an effort to create a safe space for all age ranges, Swartz decided to make his circle of available influencers on Instagram invite-only. The platform seeks to only contract high-profile celebrities with house-hold names known for creating user friendly content that complies with Instagram’s community guidelines and is suitable for everyone.

With crowd funding being one of the platform’s primary benefits, this wholesome approach makes sense, since the biggest benefactors of this new business venture will be the dedicated fans eager for special content from their favorite celebrities and the opportunity to integrate a portion of proceeds to various charities. There’s obviously a wide variety of celebrities well-known for showcasing explicit or “raunchy” content, but in Swartz’s eyes, the need for a family friendly entertainment experience supersedes any desire to flood his celebrity Instagram Fan Club roster with as many names as possible.

Acting as a barrier between globally known celebrities and their super fans, So Close makes raising money simple, direct and transparent. Celebrities advocating for change have always aided in generating awareness for worthy causes, but with the power of this platform, they’ll be able to directly influence the rate in which they’re able to make an impact by simply gifting their fans with additional moments of their personal time.

More about Swartz

The cross between Swartz’s previous work as an entertainment agent and hobbies as art collector makes him the perfect person to create an a unique super fan VIP experience on social media.

As a result of his family history in the entertainment business (working with legendary acts such as The Doors, Tina Turner and Rod Stewart), he grew up studying the entertainment industry. Instead of building blocks and nursery rhymes, a 9-year-old Jason Swartz reached for Variety and Billboard magazines instead, often studying the Nelson ratings or music chats to prepare him for what would be a foundation in the entertainment business.