Japanese toymaker introduces mini lunar exploration robot

STORY: This space exploration robot was created by a Japanese toymaker

in partnership with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

‘Sora-Q’ will be sent to the moon to take pictures

and transmit images back to earth

It is a hand-sized sphere weighing only about 9 ounces

made from a special type of aluminum and plastic

that can withstand the harsh temperature difference on the moon

Source: JAXA

which can swing between -274F and 230F

Toymaker Tomy says experience making children’s toys helped the process

[Kenta Hashiba, Company Sora-Q developer / Tomy]

"We started this thinking that our technology to make toys can be utilised for space exploration. Now that this lunar robot is going to space, we hope more people, especially children, can feel closer and will develop interest in space."