Japanese Man Arrested for Tricking 35 Girlfriends to Give Him Gifts for Fake Birthdays

A man in Japan allegedly dated 35 women at the same time just to manipulate them into giving him lavish gifts for made-up birthdays.

Takashi Miyagawa, 39, reportedly pretended to be in serious relationships with women before defrauding them of items worth a combined total of 100,000 Japanese Yen (roughly $925). The gifts varied from electronics to clothing, including an almost $280 suit, according to The Independent.

While Miyagawa was born on Nov. 13, he led his victims to give him the presents for "birthdays" in April, July, and February. His idea was to ensure a constant supply of presents throughout the year.

Miyagawa, who has no permanent address, works part-time as a salesman for a multi-level marketing company, according to Soranews24. He met his victims while selling hydrogen water shower heads and other equipment.

After uncovering Miyagawa’s scheme, the women formed a “Victims Association” and reported the womanizing fraudster to police in February, according to Mainichi Broadcasting System.

Miyagawa was arrested for fraud, but authorities are still investigating as they believe there might be more victims of his scam.

In a video uploaded by MBS News, Japanese reporters can be seen trying to get a comment from Miyagawa to no avail.

Featured Image via MBS News

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