Japanese Man Arrested for Simultaneously Dating 35 Women to Get Birthday Gifts

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A Japanese man took dating to the next level after reportedly simultaneously becoming involved with at least 35 women in order to receive a steady influx of birthday gifts.

Japan Today reports that 39-year-old Takashi Miyagawa has been arrested in Osaka, Japan for his serial relationship scheme, as authorities launched a probe into accusations that he scammed several women by leading them to believe he was serious about dating them for the long haul. In turn, these women gave him around 100,000 yen in gifts, or $766, which consisted of “smaller ‘birthday’ gifts of money and clothing,” the publication writes.

Miyagawa also allegedly gave each woman a different birth date. A 47-year-old woman claimed he told her his birthday was Feb. 22, while another 40-year-old woman said his birthday was in July—and a 35-year-old thought it was in April. This tactic was apparently used to ensure that he would always be receiving gifts.

It seems that when the women found out about his duplicitous behavior, they unified, formed a “victims association,” and spoke to authorities last February. He reportedly met at least 35 of his victims through his job at a marketing company, which sells shower products.

Police are looking into whether more women were involved in Miyagawa’s scam. Watch below as Japanese reporters attempt to get Miyagawa to comment on the situation.

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