Japanese kickboxer Rukiya Anpo demolishes ‘street fighters’ who interrupted training session

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Footage of Japanese kickboxer Rukiya “Demolition Man” Anpo recently went viral for showing him beating up uninvited fighters who interrupted a training session – or did they really?

A video of the fight shows a group of "street fighters" seemingly barging into the gym where Anpo, 26, and fellow Japanese kickboxer Kosei Yamada, 29, were training. Several social media posts claimed that the "street fighters" challenged them to a fight.

The clip – shared on platforms such as Twitter,YouTube and World Star – then shows one of the men stepping into the ring to fight Anpo, a former K-1 Super Lightweight Champion, and getting beaten up and bloodied in the process.

After the defeat, another man can be seen stepping in to fight with Anpo.

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A tweet posted by user @Beyond_Kick with a video of the fight has received over 624,000 views, while a similar post on World Star has amassed over 116,690 views as of writing.

Some of the Twitter post’s commenters agreed that this fight taught the uninvited fighters to be humble and avoid messing with professionals, especially when they are in the middle of training.

What were these clowns thinking especially the first one,” one Twitter user wrote.

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Now they will either gain some humility or take out their frustration on some unsuspecting guy waiting for the bus,” another said.

However, one commenter said that the fight was actually for a YouTube video and that the fighters were later taken out for a meal.

They were invited there as part of a YouTube video and Rukiya took them out to a Japanese BBQ restaurant afterward and drank and chat with them,” the Twitter user wrote. “They're all good guys playing it up for a video.”

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The fight was featured in a two-part video series posted by Anpo on YouTube on Aug. 2 and on Aug. 6.

In October 2021, Anpo made headlines forbeating up a “kung fu master” who called out the Japanese kickboxer.

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