A Japanese airline accidentally sold some $10,000 business class tickets for $300 after a mistake with currency conversions

Two ANA business class signs at check-in.
All Nippon Airways sold some business class tickets priced at $10,000 for only $300.Taylor Rains/Insider
  • One of Japan's biggest airlines accidentally underpriced some first class and business class tickets.

  • All Nippon Airways sold a ticket worth $16,300 for $890 because of a currency conversion mistake.

  • It is not clear if the airline will honor the tickets sold while the glitch was occurring.

A Japanese airline accidentally underpriced some business class tickets, with a handful of travellers securing $10,000 tickets for only $300, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday.

All Nippon Airways, one of Japan's largest airlines, listed incorrect prices for tickets to travel from Indonesia's capital Jakarta to Japan, then to New York, and back to various locations in Southeast Asia like Singapore and Bali, according to Bloomberg.

One person paid $890 for a first class round trip from Jakarta to the Caribbean via Tokyo and New York, which was originally worth $16,300, per Bloomberg.

Other business class tickets with prices ranging from $8,300 to $10,400 were listed for between $300 and $550.

ANA, which has been certified a 5-star airline since 2013, said that the error occurred on its Vietnamese website which listed the wrong currency conversion, China's Central News Agency reported.

Insider could not immediately reach ANA for comment outside normal business hours, but in a statement to Bloomberg, the airline initially said that it would honor the tickets of those who booked during the glitch.

It later told the outlet it would make a decision by the end of April, but that anyone flying before that date would have their tickets honoured.

ANA unveiled new first class and business class cabins in 2019 including "The Suite" and "The Room."

Insider's Taylor Rains reported her experience of flying from New York to Tokyo in "The Room" saying it's incredibly spacious and like a "a mini hotel room, complete with food and entertainment."

All Nippon is not the first airline to sell tickets cheaply by mistake. In 2019, Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific briefly mistakenly sold underpriced first and business class tickets. At that time, first class fares from Vietnam to New York originally costing $16,000 were instead sold for $675.

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