Jane Lynch Reveals 'Glee' Secrets & Her First Crush

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Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester in 'Glee' Season 2 -- FOX

Gleeks may want to sit down for this one... "Glee's" New Directions are about to gain another member - archenemy Sue Sylvester!

Jane Lynch, who plays Cheerios coach and resident meanie Sue Sylvester on the hit FOX show, revealed that she will temporarily relinquish her hatred of the glee club after falling into a deep depression - due to a devastating loss by the Cheerios - and join the high school singers in an attempt to cheer herself up.

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"Sue becomes very depressed - dangerously depressed," Jane told reporters on a conference call for the show on Thursday. "They get her to join the glee club to lift her spirits. [Sue] is actually in the glee club for awhile."

"Glee's" highly anticipated post-Super Bowl episode, which will include a larger-than-life version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," mashed up with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads Will Roll," will air following the big game on Sunday.

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Jane said that while the show will definitely live up to the hype, Sue's outrageously bad "war path" behavior will cause her to become "benched" for the ensuing Valentine's Day-themed show.

"[The Super Bowl show is] 'Glee' on steroids," Jane said. "Sue is a little bored with her routine...she wants to top herself. She finds a cannon and wants to shoot Brittany, [played by Heather Morris] out of it."

While her crotchety character may not be finding love on Valentine's Day, Jane revealed her surprising real life first crush on Thursday's call -- famed director and former "Andy Griffith Show" star Ron Howard.

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"My first love -- in my head -- believe it or not, was Ron Howard," Jane said. "I don't know [if he knows about that] but he will soon - I'm writing a book!"

Additionally, Jane revealed that her favorite "evil Sue" moment on "Glee" was when her scheming character deliberately exposed Principal Figgins (played by Iqbal Theba) to the "monkey flu" in order to become McKinley's leader during the course of his illness.

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While the 50-year-old comedienne enjoys working with all of her fellow "Glee" castmates, she told reporters that a certain new football coach has become her favorite character.

"I'm loving [Coach] Beiste," Jane said, of the Season 2 addition played by Dot-Marie Jones. "I love how big her heart is and how selfless she is and heroic."

Tune in to catch "Glee's" super-sized post-Super Bowl action on Sunday at 10 on FOX.

Jane's memoir, "Happy Accidents," will be released in September 2011.

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