James Franco to Pay for Stealing 'Spring Breakers' Character... on a Soap Opera

Esther Zuckerman
The Atlantic Wire
James Franco to Pay for Stealing 'Spring Breakers' Character... on a Soap Opera

Rapper Riff Raff is taking his issues with James Franco into the world of daytime soap operas. Per Complex and Twitter, Riff Raff will be playing the character "Jamie Franko" on an episode of One Life to Live on May 7. "Jamie Franko" is a Miami art dealer. Oh, so this couldn't possibly have anything to do with Riff Raff's beef with a certain artist/graduate student/former daytime soap opera guest star.

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Remember, if you will, that back in the run-up to Spring Breakers—it seems so long ago!—Riff Raff had a bone to pick with Franco. He claimed that Franco based his character in the movie, Alien, off the very real (and very dramatic) persona of Riff Raff. His look, too. Franco, of course, maintained that his inspiration was another rapper, Dangeruss. It was pretty hard not to side with Riff Raff's point: Franco's cornrowed character looked an awful lot like Riff Raff. 

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Riff Raff's One Life to Live guest spot seems to move their battle onto Franco's home turf. (James Franco claims a lot of turf.) Lest we forget, Franco (not Franko) appeared from 2009-2012 on General Hospital as a character called "Franco"—you honestly can't make this stuff up—who was both an artist and a serial killer. Franco (the real one) turned his stint on the show into one large art project.

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So there's a lot at play here. Franco and Riff Raff's rivalry. Soap opera rivalries. Conceptual art. Anyway, Riff Raff tweeted a Vine of what he called "$1,000,000 RiFF RAFF & JAMES FRANKO ART WORK:"

$1,000,000 RiFF RAFF & JAMES FRANKO ART WORK ... vine.co/v/btgbAVYYIbZ


The only way this could get any more ridiculous is if Riff Raff, who is writing a book about his Twitter account with Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine, starts to disavow that Franco had anything to do with his soap opera role. In the meantime, here's what Riff Raff looks like on One Life to Live:

Sneak peek! Shady art dealer, played by "RiFF RaFF" (@jodyhighroller), comes looking for #CutterWentworth. #OLTL twitter.com/onelifetolive/…

— One Life to Live (@onelifetolive) April 11, 2013