James Corden Transforms Into Barbie And The Pictures Are Hilarious

Britain’s answer to Conchita, ladies and gentleman we give you: James Corden dressed up as a Barbie.

The bearded lady. Copyright: [YouTube]


The transformation was part of a segment for his chat show over in America in which he met make-up artist Kandee Johnson.

Kandee is famous for her ability to turn herself into pretty much any celebrity using just the wizardry of just hair and make-up.

So in theory, she could make us look like Cheryl Cole? Er, yes please!

In the name of telly, she set herself the challenge of morphing James into a Barbie doll. Her thinking was ‘he has blue eyes’ and thus is the ‘perfect framework’.

Kandee describes the process as potentially ‘torturous’ and James is put through about a million different round of tugging, pulling and slathering on layers of various lotions and potions.

Unsurprisingly, he moaned throughout the process and when asked if it hurt, he responded: “Of course it’s hurting, you just put a stick in my eye.”

Beauty is pain, James.

However, when it came to the big reveal, the presenter was dead impressed with his transformation.

“Oh my God, love it. I do look more Bret Michaels than I do Barbie,” he said as he admired his reflection in the mirror before adding:

“I’ve definitely slept with less better-looking women than this. There is no doubt about it.”