James Brown teaches the Funky Chicken

Lindsay Jolivet

The Funky Chicken might be the stuff of jokes now but James Brown is here to remind you that once, that flailing dance was Hot.

In this video of the Godfather of Soul teaching the latest dance moves, he says the boogaloo is one of the most popular dances around. The video was uploaded in 2006, a few days after James Brown died on Christmas Day of that year.

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Media outlets have resurrected the video, believed to have been filmed in 1978, and it's been making the rounds again online. The Laughing Squid and Open Culture have pulled this one out of the archives of YouTube history.

From the mashed potato to the robot, no description can teach you quite like watching the master can. Still, the camel walk hasn't aged very well. You might not want to bust this awkward move the next time you're at the club. Stick to the soul train. And always follow the dance advice you receive from blogs.

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Thanks for letting us see your boogaloo, Mr. Brown.