Neosporin and Neti Pots: How Hollywood Copes With Colds

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Neosporin and Neti Pots: How Hollywood Copes With Colds
Neosporin and Neti Pots: How Hollywood Copes With Colds (ABC News)

You're sniffling, you're sneezing, you're stuffy. Take comfort in the fact that a lot of stars are feeling the same.

With cold and flu season upon us, asked a few bold-faced names how they cope with getting sick. Good news: you don't need a Hollywood income to copy their cures. Click through for advice from Jack Black, a former Bond girl, a "Twilight" vampire, and more:

Jack Black, Star of 'Bernie'

"When I get on a plane, I heard that it's good to put a little Neosporin in each nostril, so I do that because it supposedly catches the germs before they get into you."

[ "Your own nostrils or other people's?"] "Everybody's. When I get on a plane, everyone's getting some Neosporin." [Ed. note: Black is kidding. Neosporin contains antibiotics that are ineffective against viruses that cause colds.]

Molly Sims, Model

"I'll do a neti pot, a hot water bottle, lemon and water -- maybe a little whiskey, I'm just joking. Sometimes I'll exercise too, and just try to sweat it out."

Famke Janssen, Former Bond Girl

"I take oregano oil. I swear by it. A few drops in some cranberry juice. Knock it back, it works miracles."

Toni Trucks, 'Twilight' Vampire

"The homeopathic medicine Boiron has something called Cold Calm. They're two little tablets that you dissolve in your mouth every 15 minutes if you feel the tinglings of something going on."

"I also go to Whole Foods and they have something called Cold and Flu Care. It's these drops -- it's a nightmare -- it's sort of like every grassy, garlicky situation you could imagine but in drop form. You've just got to be strong and drop it in there. Your nose hairs burn, your throat burns, but I feel like it attacks the illness."

"I also take my vitamins religiously every day. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. There's nothing worse than being sick."

Kara Hayward, 'Moonrise Kingdom' Star

"A long, relaxing shower. It just makes you feel a lot cleaner, a lot better. It definitely makes a big impact."

Norma Kamali, Fashion Designer

"We have juices that we sell from Juice Press at my wellness cafe. They have one that's called ginger fireball. That will kill any little thing in you in an instant. Also, ginger and lemon is fantastic."

"And salt is such a great cure-all. Gargling with salt, doing a neti pot with salt -- that's what I've been doing. It's a simple thing that doesn't cost a lot."