iTunes 11 Finally Available for Download

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At long last, iTunes 11 is finally available for download.

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Apple was originally supposed to release iTunes 11 -- a total revamp of the longstanding music and apps manager in October. The launch was then delayed because of "engineering difficulties."

Reports surfaced earlier this week that Apple would release iTunes 11 within its promised November timeframe.

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Since its debut in 2001, iTunes has morphed from a standard music player into something larger and more complex. It's no longer just a music player, it's also an App store, a music and movies store and a way to manage iPod, iPhone and iPad devices. In other words, iTunes has become a bloated, slow, unwieldily mess.

Whether or not iTunes 11 can solve all these problems is unclear. We'll report back later with a full hands-on review. In the meantime, Mac users can grab the update from Software Update and on Windows by having iTunes "Check for Updates."

The software is also available for download directly from Apple -- though the download links may take a few minutes to propagate.

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All New Library

Your music library is going to see a redesign in iTunes 11. Browsing is much more intuitive, and can be sorted more carefully based on what you’re looking for in your collection.

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