Italian artist brings uplifting murals to Ukraine

STORY: These murals aim to bring messages of hope and freedom to Ukraine

Italian artist Tvboy painted them as part of the 'Ukraine Street Art project'

during a week-long visit organized by a humanitarian organization

(Vadym and Maria Moskalenko, Local residents)

"I believe we need such art while the war is ongoing. People should see what we've been through and remember that the war is not over. People should keep in mind what price we've paid so far."

"These murals depict patriotism and the invincibility of our spirit. We are patriots and this is what we need right now."

(Natalia Vyshnivska, Blogger)

"These artworks help us and even raise our mood a bit. We can see a balloon with 'freedom' written on it, which is something Ukraine will definitely get. Over there is a woman (depicted) sewing a Ukrainian flag, a symbol for all the volunteers and other people that support our troops, all believing in victory."