It's Ketchup vs. Mustard on 'My Crazy Obsession' [Video]

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It's ketchup versus mustard on Wednesday night's "My Crazy Obsession." And the men obsessed with these two condiments aren't just dressing up a hot dog; they have massive collections worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ketchup-paraphernalia fanatic Ralph Finch is also an aspiring standup comedian, but his condiment-based jokes clearly leave the audience with a bad taste in their mouth. (Maybe it's his dry delivery?) "Knock, knock. Who's there? Ketchup. Ketchup who? Ketchup with me, and I'll tell you," Finch says into the mike. "Tough crowd."

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When he's not telling one of his 300 ketchup jokes, he's tending to his collection of ketchup jars, blankets, pillows, posters, and more -- which he's been amassing for 44 years. "It's given me pleasure; it takes a fair chunk of my life," he says of his hobby gone wild. This "ketchup king" even cashed in his life insurance policy to fund the purchase of new collectibles.

Not a ketchup fan? No problem -- Barry Levinson has you covered. How did he get started collecting mustard? By listening to the voices in his head while perusing an all-night grocery store on a sleepless night 26 years ago. "You don't argue with voices at 2:30 in the morning at an all-night grocery," he warns. (We'll take your word for it, Barry.) The rest is history for this mustard fan, who admits that it's taken over his life and become a 24/7 obsession.

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In fact, Levinson current currently has the largest known collection of the tangy spread on Earth (5,500 samples from 50 states and 80 countries). Is his wife, Patti, also mustard-happy? Not at all. "I think Barry is overly dedicated to mustard. He's totally crazy," she says.

Word has it that one of these guys even brushes his teeth with his condiment of choice. To find out who and, er, why, tune in to "My Crazy Obsession" on Wednesday, 4/24 at 10 PM on TLC.