Is this the ultimate 'pool dunk'? Eight-man group pull off amazing trick shot which even features rollerskates

Chris Parsons

Last month we showed you a spectacular selection of stylish swimming pool basketball trick shots.

This group of well-coordinated mates may have pulled off the best 'pool dunk' we've seen yet.

The amazing stunt starts when one member of the group, stood at least 20 metres away, launches the basketball over a fence towards the swimming pool.

It's caught by a second swimmer as he dives into the pool, who catches and throws to a third man, skating alongside the pool on roller-skates.

The ball is then caught and passed between four other 'dunkers', before an eighth member of the group gets the finish off the move by slamming home the basketball.

We don't know how many attempts it took to pull off the stunt, but there's no denying the successful attempt is pretty special.