Iron Dome wont work in Ukraine: our air defence system must be developed Reznikov

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Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov believes that the sky is protected in Ukraine, although not perfectly. He is also certain that Ukraine needs its own air defence and missile defence system rather than Iron Dome.

Source: Reznikov during a Forbes business conference, quoted by the Ministry of Defence

Details: Reznikov explained why Iron Dome would be ineffective in Ukraine, stressing that it is necessary to develop its air defence/anti-missile defence system.

Direct quote from Reznikov: "We all know the example of Israel, which protects the sky quite well. We all know the name Iron Dome, but even it does not give 100% protection. In fact I’ve been to Israel and talked to their manufacturers and state enterprises.

Iron Dome was built [for protection] against slow, low-altitude, low-impact missiles that were basically made in garages. Iron Dome does not protect against cruise and ballistic missiles. There is another air defence system which is being developed in Israel itself and is available in the Czech Republic and the USA.

So we need to develop our air defence/anti-missile defence system, or to obtain one, including from our partners."

More details: Reznikov says the sky over Ukraine is already protected - not perfectly, but "quite a large number of missiles" are shot down.

According to the minister, Russian planes are already afraid in the sky over Ukraine, so they attack from the territory of the Russian Federation, Belarus, occupied Crimea, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Reminder: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that after the war is won, Ukraine will build a European state with significant liberalisation in many areas and processes, but with a powerful security and defence system akin to Israel’s.