Iran's Defence Ministry states that alleged drone attack on plant was "unsuccessful"

The Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics of the Islamic Republic of Iran has reported an "unsuccessful attack" by drones on one of the ministry’s production complexes in the city of Isfahan on Sunday, 29 January.

Source: Iran’s Defence Ministry

Quote: "On the evening of 28 January, around 23:30, an unsuccessful attack using mini-drones was carried out on one of the centres of the Ministry of Defence.

One of them was shot down by an air defence system, and the other two fell into defensive traps and exploded."

Details: Iran's Defence Ministry says the "roof of the workshop" was allegedly damaged, and the attack "did not result in any casualties or equipment failure".

Background: Drones were used to attack an Iranian Ministry of Defence facility in the city of Isfahan that specialises in manufacturing ammunition.

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