Iran unveils new jet-powered kamikaze drone


Iran showcased an advanced version of Shahed-136 strike drones, equipped with a jet engine and improved guidance systems, named Shahed-238. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was presented at the Ashura Aerospace University on Nov. 20, according to Ukrainian outlet Militarnyi.

The jet-powered drone was introduced in three variants with different guidance systems. The standard model includes an autonomous guidance system with GPS integration. A second version features an infrared/optical guidance system, allowing these UAVs to be used against heat-contrast targets such as military equipment.

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Another variant of the Shahed-238 is believed to possess a radar guidance system. Such a drone could target radar installations based on their EM emissions, potentially blinding enemy air defense networks.

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Experts highlight that the drones are painted an unusual black color, which could be related to the use of radio-absorbing materials. The technical specifications of the Shahed-238 remain undisclosed. Analysts believe that the jet engine could provide the UAV with high speed, but this might reduce its flight range.

A source from Ukrainian intelligence agencies informed NV in October that the Russian army could be receiving about 300 units of Shahed-136 kamikaze drones monthly, some of which are manufactured in Iran.

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