Iran releases new modification of Shahed drone

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A new Shahed-238 jet drone has been presented in Iran.

Source: Militarnyi with reference to Iranian media outlets

Details: The Iranian Institute of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies Ashura has presented a jet modification of the Shahed-136 drone called Shahed-238. The modification was shown at the exposition, where Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, was present.

Three versions of the drone with different guidance systems were presented.

Quote: "The fuselages of all three drones have a nontypical for Iranian UAVs black colour, which may be due to the use of radio absorbing materials. However, there is currently no confirmation of this."

"In addition to the classic version with an autonomous inertial navigation system and GPS (in the middle), there were also presented versions with infrared/optical and, presumably, radar guidance systems.

The version with infrared/optical guidance system…can be used to hit heat-contrast targets, in particular, important military equipment in the rear of the enemy."

Details: Reportedly, thanks to the radar homing head, the drone may become an analogue of anti-radar missiles which are guided by the radiation of search radar stations. Such a device can be useful for neutralisation and breach of air defence systems.

Technical characteristics of Shahed-238 remain unknown. The jet engine facilitates high speed at the expense of range of flight.

During the demonstration, the launch of the prototype from an accelerated car was shown. Yet, like Shahed-136, the new drone must have preserved the possibility to be launched from a stationary platform with the use of a solid booster.

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