Iran provided Russia with over 400 kamikaze drones, White House says

Iran continues to support Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine
Iran continues to support Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine

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According to Kirby, the United States is increasingly seeing evidence that Russia and Iran are expanding their military cooperation, drone supplies being a part of this partnership.

AP reported that Russia has already used most of these drones to attack Ukraine's infrastructure and now plans to purchase more of them.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently told Italian journalists that Iran has supplied Russia with over 1,000 drones and other weapons.

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The Wall Street Journal reported in late April that Iran has transported over 300,000 artillery shells and nearly a million rounds of small arms ammunition to Russia in the last six months.

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According to various reports, in exchange for weapons for its large-scale war against Ukraine, Russia provides Iran with cyber warfare capabilities, western weapons "seized on the battlefield," and also helps to develop Tehran’s missile program.

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