iPhone 6 Render Points to Edge-to-Edge Display

Michael Andronico, LAPTOP Staff Writer
iPhone 6 Render Points to Edge-to-Edge Display

One of the first purported iPhone 6 cases recently entered the wild, and rumor mongers have wasted no time filling in the blanks. Based on the leaked case's shape and some other rumored schematics, French website Nowherrelse.fr hired designer Martin Hajek to create a rendering of what Apple's next iPhone could look like.

Hajek's concept drawing shows a more larger home screen than what we see on the iPhone 5s, which is made possible by the iPhone 6's rumored bezel-less design. An edge-to-edge screen would allow the new phone to fit its rumored 4.7-inch panel into a much narrower space.

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In the artist's rendering, the volume control buttons are now long and thin, as opposed to the circular buttons found on the iPhone 5s.There are a wealth of rumors surrounding the iPhone 6's display alone, from the aforementioned bezel-less design to a curved screen. Apple is also expected to launch a larger, 5.5-inch version of its flagship handset.

We might not get an official iPhone 6 announcement from Apple until later this year, but Hajek's concept is one of many artists' renderings we expect to see from now until then.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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