iPhone 5c sales stumble on Verizon, iPhone 5s still hard to find

Jacob Siegal
Why would someone who bought an iPhone 5c last year now pay top dollar for an iPhone 6?

Apple’s iPhone 5c problems might be more international than reports originally indicated. Reuters spoke with Verizon CFO Fran Shammo who admitted that although iPhone 5s demand was high enough to nearly deplete Verizon’s stock, there are still plenty of iPhone 5c units available at the wireless carrier. Shammo also said that “if you generally talk to each of the carriers I think they’ll tell you the same thing.” This interview comes shortly after various reports, including one from The Wall Street Journal, claimed that Apple is having to cut back on iPhone 5c production to account for the lack of demand. Analysts believe that iPhone 5c sales will pick up over the holiday season, but for now the shelves remain stocked with colorful iPhones.

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