iPhone 5 Spurs Torrent of #FMLs

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
iPhone 5 Spurs Torrent of #FMLs
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1. Hitcase Pro

The launch of the iPhone 5 was certainly one of the most hyped and anticipated ones in tech history. And with rising expectations, it's hard to make everybody happy. In fact, it's very easy to disappoint.

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That's probably why in September, on the website fmylife.com, the iPhone 5 was the number one trending topic associated with the hashtag #FML, normally used by netizens to vent their frustrations. In fact, last month, more than 10,000 stories were posted with the hashtags #iPhone5 and #FML.

The website fmylife.com compiles short everyday anecdotes from people who complain about their lives on the Internet, using the hashtag #FML. Everyone can submit their little story to the website, but not everyone gets published on the homepage. Only the best grumbles, as voted on by the users, are highlighted.

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Potential iPhone customers had a wide range of complaints. Some were about specific features, mostly the controversial new connector. "New #iPhone5 leaks confirm a new dock connector. Will need to buy a new clock radio if I upgrade. #FML," read one. "Dammit #iPhone5 how am I going to connect you to my car system since you have a different plug. #FML," said another.

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Others were upset about their lack -- or abundance -- of patience. "#Iphone5 launches just 6 weeks after I get my 4s. #FML," said one. The opposite feeling was felt by an overly patient Apple fan. "I’ve been waiting 6 months to upgrade to the #iPhone5! No cool new features, #FML."

Were you one of the iPhone enthusiasts who complained about the new iPhone 5? Or were you happy when it came out? Tell us in the comments.

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1. Hitcase Pro

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