iPad Air explodes, erupting with smoke and flames in retail shop

Exploding iPad Air apparently wasn’t an iPad Air at all

The appeal of Apple’s sleek and slender new iPad Air is significantly diminished when it explodes and pours out flames along with so much smoke that the fire department has to be called in to extinguish the blaze. According to a report from Daily Mail that cites an Australian newspaper, an iPad Air tablet on display in a Vodafone retail shop in Canberra, Australia exploded and spit out flames, sparks and smoke on Friday morning.

A Vodafone spokesperson confirmed that a “burst of flames” shot out of the iPad Air’s charging port while tablet was sitting unused. Sparks and smoke reportedly then continued to billow out of the device and the store was evacuated. The iPad apparently continued to burn until the fire department arrived to extinguish the blaze.

Apple has not commented on the incident publicly, though Daily Mail says an Apple representative went to the store and collected the iPad Air for examination. No injuries of any staff or customers were reported.

A photo of the scorched iPad Air can be seen above.

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