iOS 8 code reveals a possible iPhone 6 feature that no one saw coming

Brad Reed
June 18, 2014
iOS 8 code reveals a possible iPhone 6 feature that no one saw coming

So other than having a bigger display and a new A8 system on a chip, what other hardware features can we expect from the upcoming iPhone 6? 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman points to some code in iOS 8 that suggests the new device will have both a barometer and air pressure sensors that will help you measure both your current altitude and the weather. Gurman says the code is located within both iOS 8 and XCode 6, which happens to be the latest iOS software development kit.

So why would your iPhone need a barometer and air pressure sensors? Gurman seems to think it’s part of Apple’s efforts to make both the iPhone and its upcoming iWatch useful for outdoorsy types who like to exercise and go hiking in the wilderness.

“A barometer sensor could be used by hikers, mountain climbers, bike riders, and enthusiasts who want accurate knowledge into their current altitude,” he writes. “Barometers, via air pressure data, also measure temperature and weather information.”

We know that Apple has added a ton of fitness related features to iOS 8 and has also launched its HealthKit framework at WWDC this year to spur developers to make more fitness-related apps, so this take definitely makes sense.

Be sure to check out Gurman’s full breakdown of the iOS 8 code by clicking the source link below.

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