An Investigation of the 'Arrested Development' Writer's Room

Connor Simpson
An Investigation of the 'Arrested Development' Writer's Room

Ron Howard is a wonderful, charitable man for tweeting this picture from the Arrested Development writer's room. But what can we learn from it? This is our forensic investigation of the Arrested Development writer's room based on one blurry cell phone picture:

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There is at least one writer and he looks confused by all the sticky notes on the wall. Ron Howard is not a writer, but is an executive producer, so he has access to the top secret writing facility located inside the hatch from Lost. There are other writers but they are currently on lunch, or something, so no one was around for Mr. Howard's campus tour. The post-it notes are color coordinated by Bluth family member. How did we figure that out? There are nine rows of different colored sticky notes and there are nine members of the Bluth family. Michael, Lindsay, GOB, George Michael, Maeby, Buster, Tobias, and, of course, the matriarch and patriarch of the bunch, Lucille and George. Don't mind us, we're just the 21st century's Sherlock Holmes. 

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Everything is in chronological order, we think, based on the use of blue tape to separate each character's row. The characters are divided into three groups of two, and one group of three. Guessing which characters pair off is where it gets difficult. George and Lucille are a pair, most likely, but does George Michael get matched up with his dad or with Maeby? I'm sure Michael Cera was excited when the writers told him he was going to be trembling next to Maeby for another season. Instead, they could be teaming him up with his dad for some father-son business building bonding. There's always bonding in the banana stand.