Inundating rainfall and flooding will take a break for a sunny forecast

Columbus, Ga. (WRBL)-The forecast has been hit hard with nearly 10+ inches of rain over the last 24 hours, flood warnings have impacted local rivers from the Chattahoochee to the Flint with minor flooding, upstream and downstream from the gauge on 14th St. most of the Riverwalk in Columbus will be covered with flowing water up to 11 feet deep.

The Phenix City amphitheater on our Alabama side is roughly 10 feet deep flooded waters and a good portion of the river walk in Phenix City is under 8 feet of water. Oxbow Creek Golf Course in South Columbus is also underwater.

The rain is beginning to tape off and all the flash flooding that impacted neighborhoods across Lee, Russell, Southern Harris, and Muscogee Counties impacted thousands of residents over the past 24 hours. Now we will begin to dry out at least through Friday before another storm system arrives on Saturday.

The good news for the Saturday storm should bring a swift-moving system without it, slowing down, and adding more inches to the region of rainfall.

The forecast will be chilly and breezy upper 50s for Tuesday mid-upper 60s for the rest of the week for highs overnight low readings dip into the upper 30s to low 40s.

Valentine’s Day is a nice bonus, wall-to-wall, sunshine and temperatures in the mid-60s for highs.

Saturday morning expect to see some showers but remaining cloudy most of the day and chili with upper 50s Sunday at chili day clearing with sun and dryer conditions to the early part of next week.

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