Introducing the Hands-Free Whopper

Playing guitar, boxing, giving someone a tattoo, ballroom dancing, bicycling, gardening, sex: Just a few of the many of mundane tasks that keep our hands occupied throughout the day—activities that keep us from the more important things in life. Things like eating a burger.

Burger King has a truly disruptive technology that will keep faces buried in Whoppers during those otherwise burger-less hours in between meals: the Hands Free Whopper. Distributed to 50 loyal customers in Puerto Rico to mark the 50th anniversary of the chain opening on the island, the branded contraption is like a cross between a feedbag and a harmonica holder: A plastic frame rests on the multitasking diner’s shoulders, and bars support a burger-sized basket that hangs within bite’s reach. All you do is just drop your Whopper in and lean in.

Jealous? How could you not be. But for Puertorriqueños, there is hope: As the English-language version of the promo clip reminds us, Burger King is celebrating all year long, so you could still become the proud owner of this gold anniversary commemorative gift—all you have to do is join the BK loyalty program.