Interview: Dan Abnett Talks GUARDIANS 3000

Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero

The original Guardians of the Galaxy are coming back in October. We're talking the original line up from the year 3000. As you may have heard, Dan Abnett is taking the reigns on this series. Having written many stories involving the modern day Guardians, he's now going to be jumping into the future for GUARDIANS 3000.

Joining Abnett will be Gerardo Sandoval on art. We had the chance to ask Dan some questions about how the new series will compare to the original. Plus we have some exclusive art from the series for you to check out.

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COMIC VINE: What can you tell us about GUARDIANS 3000?

DAN ABNETT: It’s a new book about the classic ‘original’ GOTG line up. It’s set in 3014 AD, and will feature a vision of what the Marvel Universe will have become by then.

CV: Will this pick up around the last time the future incarnations were last seen?

DA: Yes, and no. By which I mean that I have no intention whatsoever of ignoring, erasing, rebooting or otherwise denying ANY previous GOTG continuity. But I also have a duty to represent these characters for a new generation without burdening new readers with decades of continuity baggage. So this is the Guardians fighting the Badoon brotherhood as freedom fighters, desperately trying to liberate Earth and civilized space from the invasion. I’m starting again at the basics, but with twist. Something’s wrong with time. The Guardians realize that they may have done this before… more than once. Solving the time problem becomes their primary goal (and thus I can acknowledge and bring in all the past continuity - and even embrace contradictions).

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CV: You left quite a mark on the current day Guardians, how does it feel jumping into the future?

DA: Very exciting. And a challenge. With the 2008 run, I had the existing MU around me as a reference point. Now I have to build the future too.

CV: One of the fun things (if sometimes improbable) was seeing far off future descendants of current day Marvel characters. Will you use any previously seen future counterpart characters? Will you create any new ones?

DA: Yes, yes and yes :) And some brand new concepts besides.

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CV: There's mention of a "threat to the timestream." Will the future Guardians travel through time or mainly stay in their own time period?

DA: Time travel to the present (and other eras) was a mainstay of many GOTG adventures early on. Given that trope, and the time problem, I think it’s safe to say that some time travel will be involved. Maybe the Guardians will meet… the Guardians at some point :)

CV: Can we assume it will be pretty accessible for new future-Guardians readers?

DA: Absolutely. As I said, that’s one of my key goals with this book. I want to take some long-standing, beloved but perhaps slightly neglected or forgotten characters and re-introduce them to the audience of today.

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GUARDIANS 3000 is an ongoing series and debuts in October. Check out our other interview with Dan about his Avengers prose novel coming out next year HERE.