Interpreter speaks on mystery notes found across Pa.

EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — The mystery continues surrounding notes found in all types of sealed food products as well as other products across Pennsylvania and beyond.

The notes have been found pinned to trees in State Parks all across the Commonwealth. The I-Team continues to hear from people daily who have found these notes.

So where are these so-called “mystery notes” coming from and what do the words and symbols on these notes mean, if anything?

Joe Miller from Luzerne County found a note inside a sealed box of cereal.

“It bothers me.. the note doesn’t bother me but these notes are found inside food for kids like.”

The I-Team has heard from people from all over Pennsylvania who are all finding notes in everything from cereal, coffee, baking supplies, and beauty products.

The notes are also being found in State Parks such as Nescopeck State Park in Luzerne County.

Several weeks ago we took several of the notes to Spencer Rappaport in Kingston —a computer engineer with extensive computer language knowledge. He’s been analyzing the notes we have provided him, so what’s his verdict thus far?

Experts weigh in on mystery notes found across Pa.

“I’ve been able to link up with other engineers that have been looking at it. We’ve been able to take apart these notes. To a certain point. There is code in there relating to programming code relating to websites. It’s just putting together every note and trying to figure out everything because there’s so much,” explained Spencer Rappaport, owner of Evolutionary Computers.

Rappaport believes this involves much more than a handful of people.

“I think it could be a hacker group honestly. I think it’s going to be a bigger operation but with skilled people who know what they’re doing to target the system to attack,” stated Rappaport.

Rappaport says the sheer number of notes being found indicates a sophisticated operation.

“It’s such a wide spectrum of products it’s the way the paper is being placed in there. The commands for the folding of the commands to the product also the distribution of it. It’s not just in a small area, it’s going nationwide.”

The I-Team is currently working on several leads as to the origination of the notes. We have confirmed that the FBI is investigating as is the Food and Drug Administration.

You can see all of our I-Team reports on the “Mystery Notes” of our website.

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