Internet Is Pumped for Paul Ryan Workout Photos

Stephanie Haberman
Internet Is Pumped for Paul Ryan Workout Photos
Tonight's Debate In One Photo

Tonight's Debate In One Photo

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Talk about the right to bear arms.

Paul Ryan, the Republican nominee for vice president, was nominated for Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2012. He didn't win the honor, but he did pose for a photo shoot about his P90x workout routine.

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The photos, which were never published before now, are being featured in a profile of the candidate in this week's issue. The photos appeared online for the first time today, and netizens have reacted both accordingly and predictably.

Political Twitter parody accounts are all the rage right now, which makes the nearly immediate creation of the twitter account @PaulRyansBicep an obvious choice. The account has been tweeting gems such as this one for the past hour:

Other people have just taken to playfully poking fun at the photos on Twitter, creating memes and compiling image mashups.

We've included some of our favorite tweets below, and images in the gallery above.

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