Internet freaks out over Super Bowl Doritos ultrasound ad

Doritos, 'Ultrasound'

A Super Bowl Doritos ad featuring a woman who goes into premature labor when the father teases his unborn child with nacho chips has drawn both outrage and applause on social media.

On Super Bowl Sunday -- the biggest advertising day of the year in the US -- marketing giants pulled out every trick in the trade, enlisting celebrity power to peddle their brands and creating strange and wacky storylines to try and retain viewers' attention.

But while most ads garnered a chuckle at most, it was a Doritos commercial titled “Ultrasound” that had the internet freaking out, with some viewers calling the ad offensive and inappropriate, and others laughing at the outlandish humor.

In the ad, a pregnant woman is getting a routine ultrasound while her disinterested husband noshes on Doritos chips. The ultrasound monitor shows the baby reaching for the nacho until the mom throws it across the room, prompting it to initiate an early evacuation from the womb.

According to Twitter, it was the best and worst ad during Super Bowl 2016, with both viewers and celebrities weighing in.

“That Doritos ad was chilling,” tweeted comedian Mindy Kaling.

Speaking on behalf of its fans, actor Dwayne Johnson disagreed, tweeting “That Doritos baby ultrasound commercial could win best commercial #SB50.”

Some pledged to boycott the brand saying they'll never eat Doritos again, while others crowned it the best Super Bowl ad of 2016.

The commercial even drew out Twitter spats between pro-choice and pro-lifers on the significance of the ad.

“#NotBuyingIt - that @Doritos ad using #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses & sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight. #SB50,” tweeted American pro-choice group NARAL.

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