The internet is debating how pants would wear pants, and dear god what have we done?

Do you have a minute? Are you sitting down? Good, because once again, the internet just provided the world with a real head-scratcher, and you're going to need to be comfortable for this one.

Twitter user bobby joined in on the great millennial tradition of throwing up a divisive question for the internet to fight over—and once again, it's about pants. 

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"Quick question," bobby asked Twitter with an infographic speculating if pants wore pants, how exactly would they wear them. 

There are only two possible answers: Option A, which shows a pair of pants on each pant leg, or Option B, which shows a pair of pants pulled over the original pant-seeking trousers. 

But which is the right option? That's up to you and your confused brain. 

Some people used interesting logic to support option A:

While others argued that B was the only reasonable option:


And then there's the smarty who argued neither options were correct: 

Either way, mind blown. 

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