International Red Cross has turned into advocate for Russia – Ukrainian Human Rights Commissioner

Dmytro Lubinets, the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliamentary) Commissioner for Human Rights, has accused the International Federation of the Red Cross of "turning into an advocate for Russian criminals".

Source: Dmytro Lubinets on Telegram

Details: On 15 March, it was reported that Lubinets had emailed the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) calling for a transparent investigation into the activities of the Russian Red Cross, which is allegedly violating Red Cross principles – particularly the principle of neutrality.

Lubinets reported in a Telegram post on 27 April that an update on the review of the actions of the Russian Red Cross has appeared on the IFRC website.

Lubinets noted that the IFRC website states that the Russian Red Cross has no presence in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts, but not a word is said about the fact that the Russian Red Cross does operate in Crimea, even though it stole the Crimean property of the National Red Cross Society of Ukraine.

He was also outraged by the IFRC's response to media reports that the Russian Red Cross cooperated with the Artek children’s camp in temporarily occupied Crimea. The director of this camp has been sanctioned for his involvement in the deportation of Ukrainian children.

"The Federation's conclusions so far merely say that ‘The RRC partnership with Artek requires a serious review.’ These words look pathetic: when there are facts, there must be action, not consideration of the situation from different sides," Lubinets writes.

He also noted that the IFRC review said some individuals from the Russian Red Cross have made political statements that do not align with the organisation’s principles. The Russian Red Cross president who signed the agreement with the Artek camp is said to be no longer involved in political organisations in the Russian Federation. Dmytro Lubinets adds: "Leaving an organisation is one thing, but can a person who promoted the war change his views?"

"The Federation's statement comes across as an attempt to save the name and reputation of the Russian Red Cross and only shows the impotence and obsolescence of the system," Lubinets said.

Quote from Lubinets: "At the same time, it says that the Federation group that has been set up to review the actions of the Russian Red Cross will be delivering its findings over the next four months. I consider the IFRC’s actions to be playing along with the Russian Federation’s aggression. I hope that they will not be so weak and powerless.

International organisations cannot tacitly play along with Russian aggression! Otherwise, they do not help the global rule of law, only harm it! I believe that the IFRC – a world-renowned organisation – has become an advocate for Russian criminals."

More details: Lubinets added that the new IFRC president is ready to meet with him, and he plans to raise these issues during their meeting.

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