International Church Of Cannabis Is Now Offering 'Weed Weddings'

The newly minted International Church of Cannabis announced Wednesday that it would "become the first ever church to offer wedding services in a ‘cannabis-friendly’ environment."

Looking to get hitched? Also enjoy legal marijuana? Then receiving your marriage certificate from the International Church of Cannabis in Denver, Colorado may be for you. The newly minted Church announced Wednesday that it would “become the first ever church to offer wedding services in a ‘cannabis-friendly’ environment,” according to a news release.

The Church opened April 20 — a popular holiday among weed enthusiasts — in a converted 113-year-old chapel. It was established by Elevation Ministries and bills itself as “a vibrant community center and the spiritual home of adults everywhere who experience deeper meaning and fellowship through the sacrament of cannabis.”

According to the release, Elevationists — the term for members of the Church — “claim no divine authority, nor an authoritarian organizational structure” and welcomes people of all religious and cultural backgrounds. Its facade features art by Kenny Scharf, and the chapel's technicolor ceiling was painted by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel. The Church claims that it already has 800 members, a number of whom have inquired about the opportunity to get married there.

One caveat to the weed celebrations was raised by local media: It's still not technically legal to consume the drug publicly. ABC affiliate pointed out that city officials “have stressed there is no religious exemption to get around the state’s public consumption law.” But that doesn’t seem to be deterring potentially newlyweds.

“We thought there would be interest from people wanting to get married at the church, but we never expected such a response,” said Lee Molloy, a spokesperson for the Church. “The demand from couples interested in celebrating their wedding with us in a ‘cannabis-friendly’ environment has been far greater than ever expected. We are truly excited to start turning those dreams into realities.”

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The Church’s press release noted that the lucky first couple to be wedded at the Church will have the cost of the ceremony sponsored by Bang Digital Media. Other packages are available on its fundraising page for a discounted rate of $4,200. Interested parties can find more information about wedding ceremonies on its website.

The International Church of Cannabis is located in Denver’s West Washington Park neighborhood. A virtual tour of the Church can be taken on its website.

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