Intern Who Saved Gabby Giffords Subject of an Anti-Gay Smear Campaign

It wasn't too long ago that campaign intern Daniel Hernandez held wounded Representative Gabrielle Giffords in his arms, squeezed her hand and rode with her in an ambulance while desperately trying to contact her husband. On that day, Hernandez was a hero for helping after Giffords' attempted assassination.

Yet somehow, today Hernandez isn't even a “real man.” This, according to a campaign trying to recall him from the Sunnyside Unified School District Board where he's served for two years, according to the Huffington Post.

Hernandez first heard these “not a real man” allegations when was elected to the board in 2011, but this recall campaign has come equipped with incendiary and outlandish posters handed out to the school board’s constituents.

The smear-campaign sign [see below] states that since Hernandez is gay, he doesn't support athletics or care about kids. The poster goes on to say, “We don’t need someone who hates our values.”

Marcos Castro, the campaign manger for Hernandez opponent Louie Gonzales, is running the recall effort. Castro told the Huffington Post that he had nothing to do with it, but this recall petition is signed by Castro himself and he received smear posters at his own house. Gonzales also claims to have nothing to do with any of it.

A classic smear-campaign “know-nothing” response. We’d like to see if Castro could rush to the side of a critically injured politician inches away from death without any regard for his own safety. Gay or straight, that’s what a real man does.

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