Interior designers share 4 bedroom trends that'll be huge in 2022 and 4 that will be out

Pink bedroom and with pink sheets and a few pillows with green checkmark; all-white bedroom with bed and white-painted nightstand and red X
Interior designers predict that minimal bedding will be big but all-white furniture will fall out of favor in 2022.Diana Carapuco/EyeEm/Getty Images; John Keeble/Getty Images
  • Insider spoke with interior designers about the bedroom trends growing and declining in popularity.

  • Using minimal bedding and decorating with cottagecore elements are design choices that are in.

  • Interior designers predict symmetrical bedroom setups and extra pillows will fall out of favor.

Cottagecore decor is growing in popularity.

Bedroom with wooden cubbies, a bed with brown sheets and terracotta pillows, and seashells in a glass bowl on a white table in the foreground
You can bring a cottagecore vibe to your bedroom by adding seashells.Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Dan Wiener, the founder and lead interior designer of Homedude, told Insider that the cottagecore style blends cozy and chic.

He said the style is expected to rise in popularity in 2022 and beyond as people experiment with their interior-decorating decisions.

"A touch of cottagecore in your bedroom decor can make it feel like a little slice of heaven, no matter what the weather is like outside," Wiener said. "One of the best ways to add cottagecore style to your bedroom is with some well-chosen furniture. A cozy armchair, a pretty vanity table, or a charming bed frame can all help to create that relaxed and inviting feeling."

Wiener also suggested adding touches of nature, like fresh flowers or a vase of seashells, and using blues, greens, or neutrals to keep the bedroom serene and calming.

Minimal, casual bedding is expected to rise in popularity.

Pink and white sheets on queen-size bed in room with pink walls and white curtains
People are opting for simple bedding in 2022.Diana Carapuco/EyeEm/Getty Images

Bedding trends have bounced around for a long time, but Jessica Welling of Jessica Welling Interiors said minimal and casual sheets will be in this year.

"We'll see more casual bedding without as many frills and fewer bold allover patterns on bedding," Welling said. "Think solid-colored duvets with a washed-cotton look, textured throw blankets, and a couple of bold accent pillows."

Biophilic elements will continue to be popular.

Herbs in a copper pot next to a pile of brown and white stones and plant in pot on windowsill
You can add elements of nature to your bedroom through potted plants.BARTON/Getty Images

Sarit Marcus, an interior designer and the founder of Minted Space, told Insider that the biophilic trend is here to stay. This style emphasizes connectivity to nature through direct and indirect natural elements.

"People are continuing to be more mindful of the environment and also realizing the benefits of incorporating wellness and nature into design," Marcus said. "Bringing the outdoors in is continuing in its popularity both in corporate and residential spaces."

You can incorporate this style into your bedroom by adding small touches, like low-maintenance plants.

Alternative seating is on the rise.

Bedroom with arched windows overlooking other building with rattan chairs in room with table in between and bed with white sheets in foreground
Make your bedroom feel like a sanctuary with more seating options.Willie B. Thomas/Getty Images

People are spending more time in their bedrooms because of increased remote work, which has sparked the need for alternative seating options there.

"Alternative seating or a reading nook in the bedroom is becoming very important," said Shannon Connor of Shannon Connor Interiors. "Now that so many people work from home, it's hard to find a place to relax and decompress away from your work and the hustle and bustle of the home."

Connor said egg-shaped chairs with soft fabric or woven rattan are excellent to put in bedroom corners.

On the other hand, white-painted furniture is likely on its way out.

Bedroom with white sheets, white dresser, and white walls and door with red arrows pointing to dresser and door
White-painted furniture likely won't be as popular in 2022.John Keeble/Getty Images

On the other hand, trends like the all-white bedroom appear to be declining in popularity in 2022.

Despite their minimal and clean look, Welling said, white-painted furniture is falling out of favor.

"There's a big move toward natural finishes like wood and rattan, and I think we'll see a lot less white-painted furniture," Welling said.

The natural finish also looks more nature-inspired and cozier than an all-white color scheme.

Matching, symmetrical decor isn't in style anymore.

bed with black-painted wooden frame, golden sheets and pillows and matching black-painted nightstands with matching lamps on either side. Two red arrows point to the nightstands and lamps
More homeowners are favoring an asymmetrical look in their bedrooms.Mint Images/Getty Images

Although identical side-by-side setups near the bed and overall symmetry have appeared in bedrooms for years, this trend appears to be falling out of favor.

"Matching, perfectly symmetrical bedroom design is on its way out," Marcus said. "There is nothing perfect about this world, and embracing the wabi-sabi design notion that celebrates imperfection rather than hiding from it is on the rise."

Instead, folks are letting their personalities and preferences show in their bedrooms, creating unique and customized spaces.

The multiple-accent-pillows trend is done for now.

Bed with wooden headboard, white pillows, and white sheets with wooden side table and plant on top
People are taking a more simplistic approach when they decorate with pillows.oYOKoPhuwasa/Shutterstock

Though adding color and design to bedrooms through multiple accent pillows of various colors, shapes, and sizes has been a trend for years, it's starting to fade. Instead, people are opting for fewer pillows.

"Simplicity is key," said Lindsey Jamison, the lead designer at Rumor Designs. "Layers and layers of throw pillows can be tedious and often are thrown on the floor."

To keep things simple, you can style bedrooms with two standard shams and one large lumbar pillow.

You might be saying goodbye to the days of lying in bed and watching TV.

A living room with brown leather furniture and yellow walls and a wooden table in the center. A white arrow and green checkmark points to an entertainment center with a flat-screen TV
More people are predicted to watch TV in the living room instead of the bedroom.Sollina Images/Getty Images

Wilfredo Emanuel told Insider that bedrooms have become more of sanctuaries for relaxation, and people are watching TV in other rooms.

"People want a sanctuary," said Emanuel, an interior designer. "A space that is calm and soothing, a place to escape the noise — more people are gravitating towards family spaces like the den and living room to watch TV together."

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