Interior designers share 15 home trends you'll probably regret in a few years

  • Insider asked interior designers about the home-decor choices people would likely regret.

  • Experts said white carpet, dark wood, and patterned tiles were flooring options to rethink.

  • Low-hanging light fixtures, bamboo furniture, and open shelving can be impractical.

People who like to cook and spend time in the kitchen shouldn't choose marble countertops.

red x and arrow pointing at a marble kitchen countertop
Marble is easy to chip and stain.Xi Bai/Shutterstock

Joe Cangelosi, the owner of Joe Cangelosi Design, told Insider that marble countertops weren't the best option — particularly for those who plan to spend a lot of time using their kitchen.

"They're beautiful, but they also chip and stain easily," he said. "Choose quartz instead. They have options that look just like marble. Or if you want a natural look, choose granite."

Low furniture may have a certain aesthetic, but it's not always functional.

an x with two arrows pointing at low furniture in a living room
Low furniture can be awkward to get out of.Artazum/Shuttershock

Modern furniture can be cheap and convenient to purchase, but pay attention to its measurements, particularly the distance to the ground.

"Some modern-furniture companies — particularly those from Italy — have seating that is way too low to the ground," Cangelosi said.

"If you or someone you know becomes pregnant," Cangelosi added, "it's virtually impossible to get in or out of the seat without help or rolling to the ground — same thing if you have guests who are elderly or infirmed in some way."

Instead, look for pieces with a standard 18-inch seat height.

Patterned tiles make a bold statement, but they're expensive to replace if they go out of style.

a red x and two arrows pointing at patterned tiles in a bathroom
Subtle, neutral tiles are a safer bet.Jon Lovette/Getty Images

Jessica Welling, the owner of Jessica Welling Interiors, told Insider that while trendy patterns and colors are fleeting, tile is forever.

"I recommend choosing more subdued and neutral-colored tile," she said. "Then, bring in your bold colors and patterns with accent walls, shower curtains, towels, and wall art.

"These are much easier and less expensive to change out."

If you're set on a trendy tile pattern you've already picked out, you might be better off using it for a small area of backsplash instead of the whole floor or shower, Welling said.

Whatever you do, don't get white carpet.

red x and arrow pointing at white carpet in a living room
White carpets are just too easy to dirty.Getty Images

White carpet might look clean and classy, but it will get stained and is nearly impossible to maintain.

"If you really want that look, skip the wall-to-wall carpeting and get wood floors instead, and get some white area rugs that can be sent out to get cleaned periodically," Cangelosi said.

If you go this route, look for rugs with stain-resistant properties, especially if you have children, pets, or frequent guests.

Shiplap can quickly date a house.

The trend was big in the 2010s, but it's fading out of fashion.ocwarfford/Shutterstock

Shiplap, wooden wall siding, had its design moment, but Welling said she believed it would fade out of style, like many trends.

"Someday in the not-too-distant future, it will look dated. If you've shiplapped your whole house, it's going to be expensive and very time-consuming to change back," she said.

"For those who can't live without shiplap, I recommend installing it on a single accent wall or possibly the fireplace to make a big impact," she added.

Laminate flooring that looks like wood isn't worth the money.

red x and arrow pointing at laminate flooring in living room
The material can be very slippery.Gary Glaser/Shutterstock

Lisa Modica, the owner of Cherry Tree Interior Design, told Insider wood-look laminate flooring wasn't worth installing.

"It never looks or feels exactly like wood, and it can even get very slippery and dangerous depending on the price point," she said. "Plus, if it gets damaged, it can't be refinished, just replaced."

Instead, the designer recommended spending the extra money on real wood floors for better long-term value. If you're looking for a more sustainable option, choose bamboo or reclaimed wood flooring.

You might want to rethink installing ultradark wood floors.

red x and arrow pointing at dark wood floors in dining room
Dark wood can show dust and imperfections.pics721/Shutterstock

Dark wood can be stunning, but it's also known for showing all the dirt and dust floating around your home.

Opt for more durable flooring, especially if you have kids, pets, or frequent guests.

"Vinyl plank is the most popular flooring choice right now, and it's what I chose for my current home," Welling said. "It's waterproof and very durable, which is perfect for my kids and puppy."

Gone are the days of wall-to-wall carpeting.

red x and arrow pointing at wall to wall carpet in a living room
Carpeting makes for a dated look.Artazum/Shutterstock

"Step away from the wall-to-wall carpet," Modica said. "Dust, dirt, and allergens all embed themselves into not only the carpet but the padding beneath where it is impossible to reach.

"If you want to replace it because it's stained or worn, your tastes change, or you want to redo your color scheme, it's going to be expensive."

Ditch the wall-to-wall carpet and instead opt for wood, stone, concrete, or tile floors. You can always achieve a carpet feel with accent rugs.

Open shelving in the kitchen isn't practical.

open shelves kitchen
Everything on the shelf is exposed to the grease and grime in the kitchen.Shutterstock

While open shelving might look nice, it usually ends up creating more work for you and your guests.

"No one wants to dust their plates before they use them, and if they are close to the stove, they can collect grease and dirt as well," Modica said. "Plus, if you have cats, you are asking to be woken by a huge crash in the middle of the night."

The designer said cabinets with glass doors were a more practical option for showing off your kitchenware.

Make sure you include pops of color if you're following the all-gray-interiors trend.

red x and arrow pointing at all-gray kitchen
It needs a pop of color to make the design trend work.alexandre zveiger/Shutterstock

Fern Murray, the owner of Ferns Nest, told Insider all-gray interiors were another fading trend.

"Even if you do gray walls, add some colorful accents or a statement piece of furniture to add a little interest and depth," she said.

Low-hanging light fixtures can be problematic.

red x and arrow pointing toward low hanging light fixture over a table
It's safer over a table, but it can still be a hazard.Travelw/Shutterstock

When choosing your light fixtures, it's essential to consider the height of your ceilings. Low-hanging lights can cause injuries to you or your house guests.

"You can get away with hanging fixtures a bit lower over kitchen islands and dining tables, but even then, there is a limit," Modica said.

Ideally, she said fixtures should be hung between 7 feet and 7-foot-6 from the floor. If they're hanging above a table or counter, they should be no lower than 3 feet above the surface.

Explore all of your options before going with a jetted bathtub.

red x and arrow pointing at a jet tub in a bathroom
The jets can be tedious to clean.Artazum/Shutterstock

Jetted tubs can be great to have, but they require a lot of maintenance.

"They need a ton of water to fill them, and you need to run cleaner through the jets and internal plumbing regularly," Modica said. "A lot of them are also really loud when they run, which is the opposite of the relaxing bath experience you want."

Instead, consider purchasing a large, deep tub for a comfortable soak.

Choose the size of your houseplants wisely.

red x and arrow pointing at large house plant in kitchen
Large plants can attract pests and bugs.Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Jennifer Burt, an interior designer and blogger at Mississippi Maximalism, told Insider why homeowners might regret having a jungle of plants in their home.

"While it is nice to bring the outdoors in, it can become overwhelming as everything grows," she said. "Plus, it may attract bugs."

Burt suggested growing herbs or decorating with faux plants to cut back on maintenance.

Bamboo and wicker furniture can be loud and impractical.

red x and arrows pointing at bamboo and rattan furniture in a bedroom
Large bamboo furniture can be noisy.brizmaker/Shutterstock

Although bamboo and wicker furniture might match your aesthetic, they'll inevitably be noisy and annoying.

"They look cute in a little boho SoHo apartment in the city, or in a green space of your home to curl up and read a book with a cup of coffee, but for large pieces of furniture, I think they're a little impractical — you hear every movement," Murray said.

Instead, use the material sparingly, like in a small tabletop piece of decor or a plant stand that will go untouched.

Don't fall for the terrazzo trend.

Trendy patterns won't stay in style forever.DotExe/Shutterstock

Terrazzo stone has become more prevalent in recent years, and while it may be fun to look at, Burt said it was just another trend to avoid.

"Terrazzo stone is having a huge moment right now," she said. "It is gorgeous, but a way to avoid regretting the trend is to invest in accessories, like planters made of terrazzo, instead of installing floors or countertops."

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