Intensity of combat action ramps up on Tavriia front

Photo: Tarnavskyi's Telegram
Photo: Tarnavskyi's Telegram
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The intensity of combat action on the Tavriia front is increasing – the Russians launched over 1,200 artillery attacks over the past day, which is the biggest number since the beginning of the year, as reported by Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, Commander of the Tavriia Operative-Strategic Grouping of Forces.

Source: Tarnavskyi on Telegram

Quote: "The intensity of combat action is increasing. The number of artillery attacks launched by the enemy in our operational zone on 12 February is also the highest since the beginning of the year – 1,267. Same with airstrikes – 67 were recorded."

Details: He added that the Ukrainian defenders on the Tavriia front caused the biggest losses to the Russians since the beginning of the year by killing 645 military personnel.

Within the past 24 hours the Defence Forces destroyed or damaged 41 units of military equipment of the Russians, UAVs not included. Among this equipment are 5 tanks, 17 combat armoured vehicles, 8 artillery systems, 10 vehicles and 1 special equipment piece

In addition to this, the Ukrainian forces destroyed an ammunition storage point and one more important facility of the Russians, as well as 280 unmanned aerial vehicles of different types.

"With that the Lantset and ZALA attack drones (one of each) in Donetsk Oblast were destroyed with small arms. On the Avdiivka front 10 occupiers were captured," Tarnavskyi summed up.

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