Instagram: From Zero to $1 Billion in 17 Months [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sarah Kessler

When Instagram launched its first app in October 2010, it did not strike most people as the kind of startup that would be acquired for $1 billion.

"We were all like, 'what's the big deal? It's just photos and filters," Brian Blau, a Research Director with the Consumer Technology and Markets Group at Gartner, tells Mashable. But in retrospect, he adds, "There's something to be said around that simplicity."

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The app had almost 200,000 users within the first week. By February, it had 1.75 million users, and three months later that number had jumped to 4 million.

By the time Facebook acquired Instagram on Monday, the startup's iPhone app had been downloaded 30 million times. In the same week, its six-day-old Android app hit the 5 million mark.

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Meanwhile, Instagram's valuation has shot up with similarly impressive speed. Facebook acquired Instagram just as the startup was closing a round of funding at a $500 million valuation. Instagram's $1 billion price tag means it literally doubled its valuation within a week.

Designers at Visually have compiled an infographic that documents the startup's journey from photo app to $1 billion startup using, appropriately, Instagram photos.

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