Australian 'Instagram Hotel' gives free stay to users with 10,000 followers

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo News

Your filtered photos of espressos and your cat might just start paying off.

The 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia, is offering a free stay to Instagram users with more than 10,000 followers. All you have to do is follow the hotel on Instagram (naturally) and let the hotel know you're coming, and voila: You get one night free at the 1888.

The 1888 Hotel has photography in its DNA: It is named for the year that Kodak released its first box and roll camera, and the grounds are designed to be as photogenic as possible. The hotel even runs a monthly competition that offers additional free stays to the best Instagram post by a guest, as reported by Daily Mail.

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Search #1888hotel to pull up plenty of great shots.

The hotel itself is a refashioned wool storage house built by boutique hotel company 8Hotels; it opened its doors to guests this year. At about $140 a night, the 90-room luxury hotel offers a “link between travel and photography,” a representative for 8Hotels told Yahoo News. Beyond being ripe for the snapping, the entire grounds are equipped with Wi-Fi and each room for an iPad, making it even easier to Instagram to your heart’s content.

The hotel lobby features a giant digital frame to show off some of the best Instagram images, as well as a designated “selfie” mirror.

"The advent of social media and Instagram has made photo-sharing an even bigger part of the traveler's experience," said the 8Hotels rep. "People not only want to visit and stay in beautiful places, they also want to capture and share it with their friends and networks as it happens."

Sounds pretty sweet. Now all you have to do is amass 10,000 followers on Instagram and get yourself to Australia. Is Delta giving away free plane tickets for Instagram superstars, too?

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