Instacart driver goes viral on TikTok after receiving ‘last meal’ order from death row inmate

Chrishalea Farley describes her bizarre order in a TikTok video (Chrishalea Farley via TikTok)
Chrishalea Farley describes her bizarre order in a TikTok video (Chrishalea Farley via TikTok)

An Instacart driver in Georgia has gone viral on TikTok after describing how she received a ‘last meal’ order for chicken wings made by a prisoner on death row.

Chrishalea Farley, 39, said she was working for the online grocery delivery service on 10 April at around lunchtime when she accepted a request for a large wing platter and potato wedges to be delivered to a local prison.

A photo of her phone screen appeared to show an order for the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison near the city of Jackson, with a note saying: "See Chaplain Miller for death row inmate [REDACTED]."

"My initial reaction after reading the delivery information [was], I thought I was actually delivering a last meal to an inmate," Ms Farley told Fox News.

But when she arrived at the prison, she was questioned by guards and then told that they could not accept the order.

"They told me to turn back around and donate it to somebody else," she said in her video, which has received more than 590,000 views since being posted earlier this month.

Apparently, she added, the prisoner had simply decided to try to order an Instacart delivery despite being behind bars.

The order came to $15.66 in total, plus a $3.23 tip, according to screenshots seen by Fox.

"I ain't gonna lie, that man had me feeling some type of way, cause I'm thinking I'm fixing to deliver his last meal before they execute him," Ms Farley said in her video, in between cracking up with laughter.

"I can't make this stuff up. But man, let me tell you something: God might not come when you want him, but he right on time. 'Cause guess what me and my kids eating for dinner tonight? Some wings and some potato wedges!"