Just Add Paint to Craft Your Own Pollock Masterpiece

Inspired by Jackson Pollock and other artists who broke the mold by not being traditional "artists," we'd like to invite you to find your freedom and splash out with paint. Take a piece of furniture and paint it with style.


  • A piece of furniture - preferably with a flat front and not too much hardware

  • Black gloss paint

  • Masking tape

  • A long-handled narrow paint brush


  • 2 Paint rollers and pans


  1. Place your furniture piece on the tarp. This is going to get get messy!

  2. Paint two-thirds of your piece of furniture with the flat white paint. Let dry.

  3. Mask off the last third of the piece with a straight tape line right down the whole piece from back to front and to the floor.

  4. Paint the remaining section in the gloss black. Let dry

  5. Dont be afraid, youre great!