The Insider: Deported Sputnik Moldova head worked for Russian Intelligence

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Russian investigative news outlet The Insider reported that the head of Sputnik Moldova, who was recently deported back to Russia, is a Russian intelligence officer specializing in disinformation.

Vitaliy Denisov, head of the Moldova branch of the Russian state-owned Sputnik TV, was ordered to depart Chisinau on Sept. 13. Once he landed in Moscow, he told media that he was banned from Moldova for 10 years.

The Insider reported that Denisov, who originates from Zakarpattia in Ukraine, completed a military education in Lviv and moved to Moscow after Ukraine declared its independence.

He allegedly works for the 72nd center of Russia's special services, which specializes in analyzing information from other countries, creates fake information and is involved in organizations aimed at a Russian-speaking audience.

Following an earlier investigation about spies within the Russian mission in Chisinau, Moldova's government deported 36 Russian diplomats from the country, with a total of 68 people leaving, along with their households, The Insider reported.

However, the outlet believes that GRU, FSB and other Russian agents remain in the country.

Sputnik TV is one of Russia's primary channels of disinformation.

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