Inside the super-sized life of TLC's Duggar family: By the numbers

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The WeekApril 10, 2012

To feed their 19 children, the Arkansas family spends $3,000 a month on groceries, chowing through 48 boxes of cereal and more than 1,000 eggs

Raising even one or two children can be a daunting endeavor for parents, which perhaps explains the mystification of many Americans that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar manage to rear a brood of 19 kids. NBC's Today is pulling back the curtain a bit on the already exposed stars of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, and according to the Arkansas couple, their parenting feat is less a miracle than it is a product of good planning and teamwork. Here, a numerical look at the Duggars' "super-sized" household:

Members of the nuclear family, including 19 kids (age 2 to 24)

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Children who still live at home

Girls who share one bedroom

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Boys who share another bedroom

Bathrooms in the house

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Room used as a "post office" to sort the family mail

Super-sized family closet

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Years it took for the Duggars to build their own house

3 to 6
Hours of daily homeschooling for each kid

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Cars (2), SUVs (5), and vans (1) the family owns, all purchased used

Length, in feet, of the family bus

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Loads of laundry the family does each week

The family's average monthly grocery bill

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Boxes of cereal the family eats each month

Eggs the Duggars go through in a typical day. (That's more than 1,000 per month.)

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Pounds of turkey bacon consumed in a typical day

Loaves of bread consumed in a typical day

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Watermelons consumed in a typical day

Pounds of green beans consumed in a typical day

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Pans of brownies consumed in a typical day

Gallon of vanilla ice cream consumed in a typical day

Michelle's age when she married Jim Bob

Jim Bob's age when he married Michelle

Sources: Babble, Examiner, Huffington Post, NBC Today

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